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How simple are the things that bring you joy?

How simple are the things that bring you joy?

Magic is lost every day.

We lose it when we forget to love life, forget to trust, and neglect to see what is around us.  Something that has been right under our noses can be lost before we even realize we have it.

How simple are the things that bring you joy?  Sometimes we look for change, even when good is all around us.  What happens that we stop seeing things clearly?  When did we decide we were too jaded for our rose coloured glasses that once fit so well?

I know I have mine, somewhere.  I have seen this sky, this place through them.  I know I have, and while the memories are still there, I somehow lost my ability to retrieve them when I need them.

The curve of the road that feels so right has been right before.  Why did I forget?

It’s hard to know what happens sometimes that fills our life too full of the complicated things, the struggles, and the demands.  We don’t always see the way it changes until we are holding it all and reaching for more.  But the secret is that when I let go of the things that aren’t right, I make room to hold the things that feel good, and true.

I have to learn to set things down.  Stop holding on, stop carrying it with me.  What would be wrong with having a place?  Just one place.  One that was good enough.  Why do I want so many?

Sometimes life brings good surprises, and if the timing is just right, it can catch you and turn you toward the light.  The light shines in and you can see things, and suddenly the glasses are right where you left them.


The things that make up my good life are far simpler than I know, I suspect.  My good life might not look like yours, and I might not see yours the way you do, but we all have our good lives.  Not our best lives.  I’m fine with, and truly far happier with, simply good.  In fact, most days I strive for good.  A good life is one that meets your simplest needs and wants, without much more.

But isn’t more always better?  Not always.  More brings complications, hurrying, and suddenly the simple good is lost.

I need to spend more time remembering my simple good life.  The life that is more about people, words, inspiration, good coffee, time spent in a cafe, the curve of a road as I drive, and music that moves me in the right way.

I’ve been surprised lately, more than once and it’s come just in time.  I’m seeing a little more magic every day.

Let life surprise you.  Let magic sneak in.

It might be the secret to your own good life.


6 Responses to “How simple are the things that bring you joy?”

  1. Marie says:

    Thank you for this. After loosing a dear friend this week, I understand even more than ever, the enjoyment of simple good things like laughter, road trips and conversation where there are no judgments.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss. And yes, I suspect we won’t look back on the things that kept us busy nearly as much as we’ll look back on the simple things. A bittersweet reminder for you this week. I hope it helps you find small moments of peace and enjoyment to treasure, that you might have otherwise missed. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Sharon says:

    I would love to hear about the surprises you’ve had.

  3. Kat says:

    It’s very true that we get caught up in chasing something, that we forget to hold on to and enjoy what is with us already. I often remind myself to just breathe and enjoy moments.