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Women to celebrate

Women to celebrate

A while ago I spent a Friday evening sharing some of my favourite women to follow on Twitter – with the hashtag #WomenToCelebrate.  I enjoyed it so much that I want to expand on the idea.  After all, not all of you are on Twitter, or perhaps that’s not where you find connection most easily.

Every so often, I want to spotlight women who I feel are worth your time to celebrate.  Some may have given me a moment of happiness, some may have offered support, still others are involved in interesting projects or creating their own version of awesomeness.  Sometimes they are just people I’m thankful to know.  Lastly, they may be people I’ve never met, but who have said or done something that provoked thought or inspiration.

Perhaps you’ll follow them on Twitter, maybe you’ll seek out their blogs or websites, or find them on Facebook.  Wherever you find them, they are worth getting to know.

We all know women to celebrate – today, here are the ones I’m thinking of:

@Nat_Rea – who, to my chagrin, does not pen a personal blog. However, she does share graceful bits of her life and parenting online, either through Twitter or through her writing with the I Can Be the Voice Facebook page.  That’s enough to put her on this list, but on a personal note, she’s pure gold too.  Nat was building and supporting her community long before she took it on as a professional role.

@bonstewart – Bonnie writes about her family and her life in a way that makes me want to clench my heart tightly before I read, lest I lose it entirely to the story. I climb into the tales, and back out, dabbing at my eyes and remember the wonder of my children.  Wander over to Crib Chronicles for a bit of magic.

@schmutzie – Elan can write a post that makes you laugh over something simple or mildly ridiculous, then knock you off your chair with words so honest you feel honoured to read them.  Brave words travel great distances, and hers are no exception.  Visit to see for yourself.

@DomesticDivaCa – Adrienne Percy and Sherry Rothwell are creating a valuable resource.  Their site, Domestic Diva, offers traditional wisdom and generous helpings of advice on nourishing your body and your soul. Their content is intended for all, but especially women, and my experience with their sugar detox program was not just positive – I changed habits that have been in place for years.  They are firing up a new run of the sugar detox, starting today, and I highly recommend it.

And catching my eye in the news:

@AshleyJudd – let’s give a nod to Ashley Judd, who wrote both intelligently and passionately about how the media treats women in the media, and how it affects us all to read inflammatory and unconfirmed rumours regularly.  We absorb enormous amounts of media daily – how much of it is gossip and rumour-driven?  How much of it is speculation, and entirely judgemental in nature?  Go read Ashley Judd’s article on the Daily Beast, again if you saw it already, and tell me what you think.  Do we hear enough celebrities taking on these topics in such an intense, thoughtful way?  Would it change how we view and talk about celebrities if we did?

My eyeroll of the week goes to the story of brides losing weight with the use of feeding tubes.  My reaction to this was initially laughter and a grimace at the thought.  Days later I’m still trying to keep the contents of my own stomach down – contents that I consumed the old fashioned way, thank you very much – with a knife and fork.

Anyone else have stories to share, or women they’d like to celebrate this week?  Add them in the comments, I’d love to continue the conversation!

4 Responses to “Women to celebrate”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I wonderful list, of which I follow most already. Happy to find a few new greats. Thank you :)

  2. Natalie Rea says:

    (sniff). Jen, thank you! Not only for the mention but for your friendship and this awesome feature. I will certainly check out the women I don’t read/follow already because I trust your judgment completely.